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Email Sent in by Cynthia:

Dear Cynthia:

It's funny you should ask. I was an assistant at the St. Louis Zoo for many years. No that doesn't mean I was the guy who had to shovel elephant dung. But I did learn way more about animals and their behavior than anything they tell the visitors. Did you know that a group of peacocks is called a party? WOW.

What else? Hm. Some animals were into freaky stuff sex-speaking. Some were into special multiple penetration experiences. Not amongst the staff. But with each other. Is that something you'd be into maybe someday. We can have our own peaCOCK party. But with you and me naked instead of the birds.

Otherwise I'm taking the weekend off to relax before my big week ahead. Five states in three days! I'm tired already. How about you?


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