The Grounded Round

Story Sent in by Jessica:

I spoke with Lance online for a couple weeks and then he asked me out to dinner. He seemed like a nice guy, even though he still lived with his parents while in his mid-20s.

I arrived first at the restaurant and waited a little while for him to show up. Imagine the sinking feeling I felt when a 60-ish guy waddled up to my table and said, "Jessica?"

My first guess was that Lance had lied and that he was really a 60-ish creeper who had just sounded like a guy in his 20s over the phone. But this guy wasn't Lance.

"I'm Lance's father. Lance won't be joining you tonight. He's grounded. I'd say I'm sorry, but that's really Lance's job from here on out. Goodnight."

Lance's dad, who hadn't even given me his name, sauntered away. In a mild state of shock, I ordered a small appetizer for myself to go and I took off. I never heard from Lance again, and I sure as hell wasn't about to call him.


  1. "He seemed like a nice guy, even though he still lived with his parents while in his mid-20s."

    Because Skeletor, Keyser Söze, and Maleficent all lived with their folks through their 20s. It is known.

  2. What's wrong with living with your parents in your mid-20s? I didn't move out until I was 27, not because I didn't want to but because I didn't get a full-time job until then.

  3. I was also a boomerang kid for a little while. It happens.

    @ JMG - Skeletor's parents had a pretty pimp pad. I can just imagine how Skeletor spent his days...

  4. Archie, I was hoping you were going to go in this direction regarding Skeletor.

  5. I wonder if this was another case of a young kid pretending to be an adult on a dating website.

  6. @ Sorry Charlie - Skeletor and Beastman always did seem pretty close. That video just confirms what TMZ has been saying for years.

  7. He clearly WASNT in his 20s.


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