Sounds Like a Weekend in Hoboken

Profile Sent in by Laura:

What I'm doing with my life:

I am living in the 8th circle of hell. Screams and fire are my neighbors. I sleep on sticks. But the sticks might turn into snakes at any moment. If you stay over you need to be comfortable on sticks

I am living in the 8th circle of hell. But you become used to it after a while. I work for a school district I shall not name and that is the district that is run like a circle of hell. Sticks are my bed. Have you slept on sticks

In the 8th circle of hell. My fur is your blanket. Now sleep...


  1. Oh man, this guy is a real fixer-upper. It's nice to see Dante getting back into the dating scene.

  2. The 8th circle is for fraudsters, so....


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