Ruh Roh

Email Sent in by John:

(John says: "I checked out this girl's profile but didn't write to her. This was her first message to me.")


Bendi bondi bandi-whatever you call me it works haha. Maybe you can teach me to throw like a nongirl haha. Have you seen the latest from me? Your rofile lists you as a major singer/dancer/consigliere. Moving up in the world perhaps haha? I was married but am now the better. I can make anything out of bacon.

So enough of my humor. I'm so over it all haha. Can you hear my voice in yur head while you read this? I am glad you're reading this. Ry rafvorite rime rof ray ris rhe righttime ror rhe rery rearly rorning. Ah, Michael Keaton and Meredith Baxter-Birney-Baxter now just Baxter. Together forever? We'll just habe to see haha.


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