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I will NOT be your tamale. You can call me anything you want but you CAN NOT MUST NOT call me your tamale. I have had pet names many times before but are you aware of their meaning? A name is a lot. It means what you think of the person. So do you really want to go around introducing me to people as your tamale? Gross! I am NOT ANYONES TAMALE. You will need to be okay with that. If you call me your tamale I will end it. No matter if it is date one, date thirteen, date a million or marriage and kids. I am dead serious that if the word tamale comes out of your mouth in reference to me then we are done forever and that is all forever and all there is is forever.


  1. I'd hope that someone agrees to a date with this maniac (must be a Mexican restaurant), and then squints really hard at him during dinner just to see if he thinks they're thinking he's a tamale - just to see if he runs out screaming, "I am not anyone's tamaleeeeee!!!" Might as well make it a sport.

  2. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much. My sweet, sweet, food poison causing tamale.


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