Story Sent in by Vickie:

At our first date dinner, John reached across the table and took my hand. He said, "I want you to understand," and then didn't say anything else.

"What would you like me to understand?" I finally asked.

He said, "Wait. Sorry. I said that wrong. I'd like you to help me understand."

"Understand what?"

He didn't respond. He just sat there holding my hand and looking into my eyes. I went to take my hand back but he held it tight.

"Let go," I said.

"Help me understand," he said, gripping tighter.

I jerked back harder. He squeezed even tighter. It hurt. I whacked at his arm with my other hand and he released me. He yelled, "Why would you do that?"

"You wouldn't let me go!"

He said, "I was just holding your hand! What's your problem? Gonna stab me with a fork, next?"

I grabbed my fork. "Depends. Are you gonna behave yourself?"

He said, "I don't believe this. I don't understand. I asked you to help me understand!"

"Understand what?"

He reached across the table again. "Give me your hand."

"Not a chance."

He just shrugged and sat back. I said, "I'm probably going to go. Sorry this isn't working out."

He said nothing as I took off, apparently preferring to just sit and sulk.


  1. John was obviously an alien who gained information about other lifeforms by physical connection.

    That or a creep.

  2. It was a simple question OP. He just needed your help to "understand".

  3. Lol. Thanks Archie. It's been a rough, emotional day, so I needed that.

  4. I do what I can to keep the chucks coming. :-)

  5. I found Chunky Horse! At long last!



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