Nervous Tick

Story Sent in by Lydia:

It was a pretty brisk day when Robert and I went for a hike, so we didn't become too sweaty. We sat down in a coffee house afterward and continued to learn more about each other.

Everything seemed to be go fine. He was polite and friendly and I liked him. We were both outdoorsy and we talked about hiking a bit and then he asked me if I'd ever had a tick.

I told him I had, once. I had removed it and it wasn't a big deal.

He told me, "I've had three. The first time, I totally panicked."

I laughed. "You panicked?"

He said, "Actually, it was more like–" and then he shouted, shook his head, slapped at his face, wagged his tongue, flailed his arms, leaped off his seat, spun in circles, kicked his legs around, and burst out of the coffee house with his hands thrashing above his head.

He had left his mostly full coffee there on the table, so I expected him right back. He never returned.


  1. He apparently meant he had a tic.

  2. Sounds like he was ticked off.

  3. I think maybe our nation's schools need to start offering classes on how to gracefully end a social engagement you are no longer enjoying.

  4. @BethRD - What are you trying to do? Put this site out of business?

    The guy know how to make an exit!

  5. What ever happened to faking an emergency phone call to get out of a bad date?


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