We Had a Ball

Story Sent in by Misty:

Jose mentioned on his profile that he had an extra finger. I checked out his photos but I couldn't see his hands clearly in any of them, so in one of my emails to him I asked him which hand had the spare.

He wrote back, "I'll show you in person. Leave it a surprise ;) "

On our date, he took me to a beer tasting at a local brewery and one of the first things I noticed about him was that he had five digits on each hand. No more, no less.

I pointed it out to him. "So I see you don't have that extra finger after all."

He said, "It's not on my hand. It's a stub next to my dick. Like a third ball."

"Eww! What?"

Then, right in the middle of the brewery, with other people around, he reached for his fly and unzipped it.

"Oh God!" I said, "Don't! Don't show me! I believe you! Just... no. Zip it. Please."

He shrugged and said, "You're the one who doubted me. I'm not ashamed or anything."

"I'm so... glad. Just zip it up. Please."

He did. We tasted beers. We left. I went home, never to see Jose again.


  1. "Jose mentioned on his profile that he had and extra finger." After that, I knew Great Lord Floppy would try to make himself known.

  2. ^ You got that right!

    Soooooo.....he had a nubbin?


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