Oh God! You Devil

Story Sent in by Sean:

Jessie told me that there was a parade going on in town on Saturday morning and she asked if I wanted to go to it with her. It was for some saint or other. Also, it was the first truly warm week of the year and I looked forward to being out in the sun.

We met downtown and went to the street where the parade was meant to be. Only problem was that there was no parade. Just Saturday morning traffic. No marchers, no revelry, no saints.

I asked Jessie, "Maybe you have the day wrong?"

She replied, "I have the day right. He's just trying to mess with me."


"God! He's always finding new ways to mess with me. Nothing gives Him greater happiness."

I searched her expression (desperately) for signs that she was joking.

Then she shouted up to the sky, "Okay! You got me! Again! No parade today! What else are you gonna take away from me?"

After no answer for a few moments, I asked her if she wanted to do brunch. She did and we hurried away from the parade grounds.

At brunch she ordered a sandwich and she complained to me that it was too small. "See? Told you He likes to mess with me." She looked up at the ceiling and said, "Good one! What next? Gonna kill me? Or someone close to me?"

I said, "That's a little extreme, isn't it?"

She replied, "I wouldn't put it past Him. It's one of His favorite go-to tricks where I'm concerned."


We didn't go out again.

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  1. If you did get into a relationship with this chick, you'd be golden forever and could never do wrong. "Sorry baby, God made me do it. You know how he likes to mess with you."


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