Desperation Point

Profile Sent in by Keara:

(Keara says: "This is from a guy's profile in which every photo of himself was shirtless and he was covered in tattoos.")

About Me

had with with bitches. men say what they mean and mean what they say. so from now on I date men. I'd like it if the men who contacted me were like women in looks because I'm not normally attracted to men. But they have to be better than the bitches on this site. Let's go out and see what happens.

I like romance and if you're a man who contacts me on here he needs to take it slow because I'm new at dating men. Please be sweet and tender and under 30. Also please live within 10 miles of Springfield. Thx.

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  1. This kinda sucks. Yeah so he's disenchanted with women and his grammar sucks. So? Where's the fetishes? Where's the random drunken slurring?

    I'm a woman of high tastes; you're going to have to post something with at least one person whipping out their sick or trying to lure op to the car with promises of Kenny Loggins.


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