Consumer Inflation

Story Sent in by Bev:

The first guy I went on a date with in college was Erik. He took me to a Burger King and as we ate he pulled out a pack of rubber party balloons. He inflated one with his mouth right there at the table and said, "Every time you say something I don't like, I pop a balloon. Where did you grow up?"

I said, "San Francisco."

He sat on the balloon and it popped. I jumped, and the eyes of everyone in the Burger King looked directly at us. I said, "Please don't do that again."

He inflated another balloon and said, "Telling me what to do? I don't like that." He then sat on the second balloon and popped it.

A manager came up to us and asked Erik to stop popping balloons. Erik apologized, said it was a joke, and the manager let things be.

After she left, Erik turned to me and asked, "Did it make you happy to see me get yelled at?"

I replied, "I just don't want you to pop any more balloons. Okay?"

He said, "Nope! Not okay!" and he inflated another balloon.

As he did so, I grabbed my food, wrapped it up, and practically ran out of there before I had to spend even one more minute with him.

Not long after, he called me and left a voicemail. When I listened to it, you guessed it, it was the sound of a balloon popping. Freak.


  1. Humm, what does this remind me of? Oh yeah...

    Well, at least your date sprung for a serious first date dinner location though.

  2. LOL@Architect - I'd forgotten about that one ! As for the lousy date, I was a little concerned when she said he blew up the balloon with his mouth, as if there were a more usual option.

  3. There is, if you're a true Southman.

  4. Hahah JMG - wait....I'm currently in Texas, and reluctantly admit you are right. Just to clarify, I'm originally from Pennsylvania and we hold it in there...not sure which is worse now.


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