Slippery Situation

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Story Sent in by Dale:

I had planned to go on a hike with Corinne then take her to dinner. After the hike we were both sweaty and gross, so she offered me the use of her shower before we went out to eat. She lived nearby.

We arrived at her house, she handed me a towel, and off I went toward the bathroom. When I pulled back her shower curtain, I found that the tub was filled — positively filled —with shampoo, conditioner, and soap bottles. Some even still had shampoo, conditioner, and soap still in them. Most had been last used long ago and there was a layer of dust over them all. It was as if the collection had been there and unmoved for months. Maybe years.

I called from the bathroom to ask her if there was another shower I should use. She called back that it was her only one.

For the following several minutes, I removed every bottle from the tub, put them in a pile on the floor, and then showered. Once the shower was over I replaced the bottles, washed my hands, dried off, dressed, and left the bathroom.

When I encountered Corinne, I saw that she was already dressed to go out even though she hadn't showered. I remarked that she had quite a bottle collection.

She said, "I hope it wasn't a bother. Did the shower work all right?"

"Yeah. Where did you shower?"

She said, "Oh I just toweled off. Faster and more thorough. Ready for dinner?"

Judging by her faint aroma, it was anything but thorough. I didn't want to make her feel bad or self-conscious. But that was our one date.


  1. You are quite brave to go into a complete stranger's home on the first date. You're even more brave for using that shower.

  2. @Snarkastic - I've showered at a woman's place or had her come shower at mine, even on a G-rated first-date no-hanky-panky kind of date. I don't find it odd.

    But perhaps she was just giving thanks to water?


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