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Story Sent in by Molly:

My first time at Nick's apartment, the air conditioner was on. It was February. I asked him to turn it down (or off). He said he would, then he put in a movie.

When it was clear after 20 minutes that the temperature was still possibly colder than the air outside, I mentioned it to him again.

He said that he wouldn't turn it off all the way, but that he would turn it down to its lowest setting.

I asked him why he even had it on in the first place. He said, "I'm freezing the bugs out of my walls."

"Why don't you use traps?"

"Traps attract them. I want to keep them away. You haven't seen any bugs since you've been here, and that's thanks to me and the cold."

Uh-huh. I kept my jacket on and requested a couple of extra blankets. He gave them to me without a problem, but I was sure I was able to see my breath in there. Once the movie was over, I left and never ended up returning.

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  1. This is what gives me "th' bugs" -- knowing that most of these dates aren't the old-fashioned "he picks his nose in public" sort of dates -- but that there are so many people with mental problems who mostly act normal (to get the date presumably) and then casually display a behavior beyond the average quirk. It's starting to make me think that most of my neighbors are spooky....which is somewhat paranoi-------auuugh !


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