Bum Leg

Story Sent in by William:

I was trading war stories with Kristine while out to dinner on our first date. She told me she had once dislocated her shoulder while playing tennis. I teased her, recommending that the next time she told the story, she make up a more badass experience.

Then it was my turn. I had once broken my leg skiing.

"Oh my God!" Kristine said, with such fervor that it was as if I had just broken it again, right in front of her. "Your leg? You broke your entire leg?"

"Part of it," I said, "but I'm better now."

"Your leg was broken? Oh my God! Oh no! Oh no!"

She broke down in tears, muttering, "Your leg... your leg! Your leg...!"

I reassured her over and over again that it had happened over a decade ago. I was okay. My leg was great. It remained unbroken. But the more I spoke, the more upset she became. She wouldn't eat any of her food, cried her eyes out, and wouldn't follow along when I tried to change the topic.

I ended up asking the waitress to box up Kristine's food. Once I had settled up the bill, I asked her if she was ready to go (I sure was).

As we left, her sobs slowed down and she leaned on me for support.

Once we were out of the restaurant, she stopped crying completely. I asked her if she was okay.

She gave me a look of pure fury, kicked me in the leg, and ran away.

"Wrong leg!" I called after her, but I guess it didn't matter.


  1. You probably should have specified which leg you broke.

  2. Oh lord that woke me up !! (shakes head) Man, who needs coffee ?!?

  3. I'd love to hear the other side of this one. I bet the stories would be VERY different.

  4. I ALWAYS want to hear the other side of the story.

  5. She probably was expecting him to make a big deal about her shoulder and felt belittled.


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