Bathroom Humor

Story Sent in by Jody:

Nate was over at my place for a fun two-person pizza and game night. It was his first time over and I didn't know what to expect. We had been seeing each other for only a short while.

He returned from a trip to my restroom with the question, "Who did your bathroom decor?"

I told him, "Me. Why?"

"It's awesome. I want to, like, stay in your bathroom. Forever. Can we can move festivities in there?"

Was he asking what I thought he was asking? "As in... move the pizza and the Trivial Pursuit to my restroom?"

"Yeah! It's big enough."

"But it's not really for social gatherings. It's more... more a restroom, really."

"Yeah, but I liked it a lot."

"Well, you can visit it whenever you need to."

He smiled, went back to the restroom, and closed the door behind himself.

After a while, he didn't come out. I asked him, "Everything okay?"

"Yeah. I love the decor. You should come in."

"The pizza's cold. Let's play a game."

"Bring it in here."

"I'm not bringing food into the restroom."

He didn't reply to that for a moment, then said, "Is that your final answer?"


He then opened the door, slid past me, grabbed his coat, and made for the exit.

"You're leaving?" I asked, incredulous.

He said, "Depends. Can I stay in your bathroom? I don't see why this is a big deal. We can reheat the pizza and bring the game in there. That's where I want to be, and you said I could go in there anytime for any reason."

"I said you could go in whenever you needed to. Sounds to me like you just really, really want to. Inexplicably. Now are we doing pizza and board games or not?"

"Only in your bathroom."

"Have a good night."

I ushered him out and that was our last time together.


  1. His mama must have given him cookies while he sat on the pot.

  2. Totally OP's fault. If only she would tone down the decor in her bathroom these kinds of things wouldn't keep happening.

  3. You've got to admit though, that bathroom was looking pretty amazing.

  4. Maybe Nate was angling for a blumpkin later in the evening.


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