They Probably Thought It Was a Pollock

Story Sent in by Samuel:

I was at a local art gallery with Charlotte when she excused herself to go to the bathroom.

She was gone for a while and when she returned, she was pale and shaking. She said, "We have to go. Now."

She seemed really out-of-sorts. I asked, "What's wrong? Are you okay?" I honestly thought she was ill.

She said, "I had an 'episode' in the bathroom. We have to go."

"An episode?"

"An explosive episode. There. Happy now? Can we go?"

"Y-yes. Yeah."

She half-ran ahead of me, out of the place. We had taken separate cars and she booked it to hers and drove off. What was strange was that I wasn't sure why she had told me that we needed to go. She had basically just led me to the parking lot and drove off on her own.

Therefore, as I wasn't done inside the gallery, I went back in to finish browsing. I half-expected some disturbance among the gallery staff regarding the discovery of an "explosive" event inside the bathroom. But it never happened and I never heard from Charlotte again.

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