Rise of the Zitgirl

Story Sent in by Lisa:

Tyler took me out for ice cream. He asked if I wanted to split a sundae. I told him I would but I requested that he not put any caramel on it because I don't like caramel.

When the time came for him to order, he asked the clerk for extra caramel on the sundae. He also smirked at me. When we sat down at the table together he dug right into the sundae and asked me, "What are you gonna eat?"

I said, "I'll probably buy a scoop of something, but why did you ask me if I wanted to split a sundae and then order extra caramel?"

He said, "That was before I saw that pimple on your face. The last thing you need is more of zits. You should be thanking me."

I took a moment, then said, "Thanks, I guess. For showing me who you really are."

I did indeed grab a cup of pistachio and I took it to go. My zit eventually went away, but Tyler was out of my life forever.


  1. "More of zits"? Who talks like that? What a weirdo.

  2. Surprised it took him that long to notice it.

  3. He IS a zit. He is a zit on the face of humanity. Good riddance

  4. I would have bailed as soon as he said extra caramel. I like my ice cream, and if someone is going to be a douche like that, time to go.


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