But Not Amazing Enough

Story Sent in by Paul:

Before our date, Maria emailed to say that a friend of hers was in town and that she wanted to say a quick hello to him while she and I were out together. "Maybe the three of us can all hang out for a little while," were her exact words.

It was an unusual request but she made it clear that this was the only time she'd be able to see him. She also seemed really apologetic about it. I didn't see the harm in hanging out with this guy for a little while, especially if it would make Maria happy and make me come across as non-threatened.

For the first part of our date, I took her to a neighborhood bakery with amazing treats. We had a great time and we laughed and she even touched me every now and again when we spoke, which I guessed meant that she felt comfortable with me. So I was feeling pretty good.

Then her phone rang and she picked up. It was apparently her friend. She said, "He's on his way. Let's go outside and meet him."

I followed her out and we talked for a bit longer. Then the guy pulled up and rolled down his window. He said to her, "You ready?"

She said, "Yeah!" then jumped into the passenger side of his car and they sped off without a word to me. So I was feeling pretty less-than-good. Never heard from her again.

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  1. Wow, you got played. How much did you spend on her at this bakery?


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