You and She (But Mostly She)

Story Sent in by Phil:

I was in New York City with Marian and we had just finished a fun and delicious lunch. We walked by a bus stop ad for The Book of Mormon and she said, "Oh my God, I want to see that!"

I wanted to see it too. We wouldn't end up going to see it that day because we already had alternate plans and also because tickets were probably $700 each. Maybe on a future date.

After I told her that I also wanted to see it, though, she shut down for the rest of the date. We explored Chinatown and I had a good time, but she didn't really seem to want to be there anymore. Sensing that, I ended the date as cordially as possible.

I wrote her an email later that night to ask her if everything was okay. She replied back that it was and that she was interested in meeting up again as soon as possible. I hadn't expected that, and as mentioned, we had had a good time up until the curious Book of Mormon incident. I wasn't sure what had rubbed her the wrong way, but we all have our off days.

We met the next time for dessert at a bakery. Once we sat down together with our treats, she stood up again all at once and said, "I have to go not see The Book of Mormon with someone else." She left and I enjoyed my cupcake by myself.


  1. The Book of Mormon is probably not your scene anyway OP. I found a better play for you.

  2. In Uganda, they have a saying for situations like this: "Hasa diga eebowai" !

  3. Oh man, I think this rare species is called a "Ticket Whore".

  4. @ MrKikkeli - More like "Hasa diga Marian."

  5. Was the ending a typo or is that actually the sentence she used? "I have to go NOT see The Book of Mormon."


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