Water You Waiting For?

Story Sent in by Lisa:

On the day of my date with Darrell, he called to tell me so. "It's raining," he said.

"It is," I said, "Is that going to change anything for today?" I didn't think it would. Our activities included lunch and taking a woodworking class at a nearby studio.

He said, "I don't do rain. Can we postpone?"

I had cleared off the day for him, and this was the first I heard that he "didn't do" rain. I asked, "Do you have an umbrella?"

He said, "They never keep you completely dry. Do you know what's in rain? You wouldn't go out in it either, if you knew."


He laughed and said, "How about we reschedule lunch for next week? Really. I just don't do rain."

"What if it rains next week?" I asked.

He said, "What are the odds of that?"

So we rescheduled for the following Saturday. We spoke a couple of times that week, leading up to it.

On Saturday itself, it rained again. I didn't hear from him before the date, but I made alternate plans, anticipating that he'd call once more to postpone.

I didn't hear from him at all and I spent the day with friends. The rain cleared up in the late afternoon and he called me to ask if I was ready for our date. I told him that I was already out with friends, not having heard from him. He became upset and hung up on me.


  1. Who knew Green Green had a brother?!

    You could have told him you didn't do dudes who didn't do rain. Duh!

  2. OP should have told him what my mom always says: water doesn't melt shit, it just makes it gooey.

  3. Well now I want to know what's in rain!


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