Why Waiters Hate Everybody

Story Sent in by Thomas:

I was out to dinner with Courtney when she accidentally knocked over her water glass. It spilled off the table (not on either of us). Instead of mopping up her mess, she looked around the restaurant, repeatedly snapped her fingers above her head, and yelled, "Service!"

A waiter came over with a small pile of napkins and he handed them to her. Courtney said, "I'm not wiping it up. You're the waiter."

I could tell that he really wanted to say something to her, but he kept his mouth shut and perfunctorily wiped up the water.

Courtney smiled as he did it and said, "Yes. Just like that. Yessss. Thank you."

He gave her a dirty look then walked off with the napkins. Courtney smiled at me. I was afraid they'd spit – or worse – in our food.

I was sure to give the waiter a big tip and I never asked Courtney out again.


  1. A big tip to a waiter after he farted on your entree?

  2. Good on you. Like whoever it was said, the person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.

  3. OP, why didn't you say anything to your date as she was treating that poor waiter like dirt? If I had been in your shoes I would have given her a piece of my mind. Screw keeping your date happy at that point.

  4. OP why didn't you end the date at THAT VERY MOMENT? You fed that cosmic bitch.
    Alternatively, you should have dated her for a while and f**ked with her in beautifully subtle ways you could describe on these pages so we would know her life was horrible for a little while.


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