Just Don't Ask to Borrow Her Toothbrush

Story Sent in by Wayne:

It was a cold winter day when Marie and I met. We were in our winter coats and well-bundled up against the wind as we made our way to our destination: a Chinese restaurant.

As we passed a nondescript brick alleyway, she ducked down it. At first I thought she was taking a shortcut, but after I had followed her about halfway down, she opened up her coat, pulled out a small can of white spray paint, and drew a single white line on the brick wall.

"Why?" I asked her.

She said, "I like it. It's mine now." She slipped the can back into her coat, zipped it up, and returned down the alleyway the way we had entered.

I asked her, "Why not just pee on it? Less permanent."

"Uh, I wouldn't do that in front of you," she retorted, as if she had experience with that method.

At lunch she actually pulled the spray can out at the table. I thought she was going to spray a stripe on her food, but she only gave the can a good shake. "It was cold out," she explained, "I have to keep it moving."

No second date.


  1. Experience with that method? Somewhere, there is a park bench or water fountain with a mysterious odor then?

  2. Maybe she just liked the White Stripes?


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