Story Sent in by Carl:

Denise was into arts and crafts. Before our second date, I swung by an art supply store and bought her some felt, glue, and glitter. She had shown me some of her designs before, and I knew she was capable of amazing work.

When I gave her the little gift bag, she was elated. We were at a café, but she pulled everything out then and there. She cleared a little space on the table, spread out some felt, and dumped almost half the container of glitter onto it. Then she dumped out some glue and went to work.

The problem was that the café wasn't really the best place to work on an art project. The glue and glitter smeared everywhere. She made a colossal mess. Glitter wound up in her water, my water, her food, my food, on my lap...

When she was finally done with her project, she held up the felt, which had glitter glued to it, and said, "Ta-da!"

It was an intricate design of red, gold, and silver. It was pretty. Then, I suppose to remove excess glitter, she shook it out.

Glitter all over the table. Glitter on the floor. Glitter on her face. More glitter on the food, rendering it even more inedible.

I said, "That's very pretty. I don't think I'll be able to eat my lunch, though."

She said, "Just box it up. You can pick off the glitter when you're home. That's what I'm doing." Sure enough, when the waitress returned, Denise asked for a box and she then plunked her dinner, glitter and all, into it.

I passed on a box. There wasn't even an apology from Denise for ruining my food. So there were no further dates.


  1. Too bad you didn't hang around for Christmas OP.

  2. She's obviously not all that bright and rather juvenile to start doing crafts in the middle of the restaurant, but you were the one who bought the glitter.

  3. A little like saying, "She went and committed vehicular mass homicide, but you were the one who bought her the car."

  4. OP bought her glitter. Glitter is the STD of the arts and crafts world. OP brought this on himself, and everyone else who is going to encounter that glitter. Thanks a lot.

  5. I would probably never have dated that girl in the first place, but OPs behavior still seems odd. If you're into dating Manic Pixie Dream Girls, why would you expect her to apologize for acting like one?


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