Breakneck Escape

Story Sent in by Heidi:

Cody messaged me online. It was during a particularly lonely period for me, so without too many emails tossed back and forth, I agreed to meet him.

We met in a public park and the idea was that we'd go for coffee. We never made it that far. When he first saw me, he gave me an unexpectedly big hug then stepped back and asked, "So, do you think I'm hot?"

Odd choice for a first question. He was cute enough, but still... who asks that? Remaining civil, I told him, "Yeah. I think so."

He took a step closer. "Is there any reason why you wouldn't kiss me right here and now?"

I took a step back and said, "Uh... we just met."

He laughed and said, "So? Despite having just met, I can snap your neck. So since I have the power of death, you can't manage a single kiss?"

My first impulse was to run or kick his ass. He was bigger than I was, and he looked angrier by the second.

We were in public, so I waved my arms around, backed away, and yelled, "Don't you threaten me! Hey everyone! This guy is threatening me! Don't you threaten me you asshoIe!"

It worked. People looked at us. He backed away and said, "You crazy bitch!" before taking off. A woman around my age even jogged up to me to ask if I was okay. Aside from a bit shaken, I was more than okay. I felt pretty damn good about scaring that jack-off away.


  1. A refreshingly normal reaction to his attempt to establish a controlling relationship (no doubt again) ! *APPLAUSE* Well done OP !

  2. Now that's the way it's done! Good for you.

  3. You should probably report him to the online dating site where you met him. This guy sounds pretty dangerous.

  4. To quote my mother, who I read this story to, "Who says that?"

  5. At least you didn't go on with the date like half the losers have in these stories! Good for you!

  6. I noticed you didn't tell him that you could incapacitate him by kicking him in the nuts. Disappointing....

  7. I'm 99% sure it didn't happen that way.


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