Beg Leg

Story Sent in by Andrea:

I walked lakeside with Adam on the afternoon of our date. We paused for a little while on a bridge that had benches from which we could see out over the entire lake. It was pretty.

We sat next to each other. He scooched a little bit closer and then a little bit closer. Soon, he was gently pressed up against my side. I shifted over a little away from him. He slid closer again, then picked up his leg and dropped it on top of mine. I squirmed out from under his leg and said, "I'm not really up for that."

He asked, "Then what are you up for?"

"Just enjoying the day."

"What about me?"

I said, "You can enjoy the day, too."

"No, I mean are you enjoying me?"

I said, "Sure."

He then smiled, nodded, and dropped his leg on top of mine again. I pushed his leg off then stood up. "I said I didn't like that."

He jumped to his feet and yelled, "Well, you're ugly!"

I guess he thought he'd hurt my feelings. I said, "And yet you still want to hump my leg."

"Your leg's the only nice part of you," he said, then gestured to the bench. "Now, can we try that again?"

I laughed. He also laughed. I said, "I'll see you around," not meaning a word of it. I strolled away and never once saw him again.


  1. Ah, the ol' "insult the woman who won't put out" tactic.

  2. Somebody had better call the SVU team, because OP was clearly on a date with an 8-year-old. "Oh yeah?? Well you're UGLY!" Seriously?


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