And He Had a Long Night of Pocket Pool

Story Sent in by Phuong:

Scott told me he had picked out a surprise place for our first date dinner. He said that it was a nice restaurant so I should dress up.

When I arrived at the address he had given me, I found the restaurant to be a certain local pub, not at all the sort of place where I'd need to dress up. In fact before I even walked in, Scott burst out of the doors in a wife-beater and holding a pool cue. "Come on in!" he said, "I've been waiting. Our table's ready."

We sat down. I looked around and noticed that there weren't any pool tables. Scott just happened to have a pool cue with him. It was so strange that I asked him about it.

He said that he had brought his own cue since he thought the place had pool tables and that we were going to play pool. He then said that after dinner, he'd find a place.

I wasn't (and still am not) too great at pool, but I give it a go every now and then. He rushed us through dinner and once we were done he asked me where we ought to go for pool.

I told him that there was a place a few miles away that I knew of. He said that the owners were away for the week and the place was closed. I then said, "The only other place I know is around where I went to college, 200 miles away."

"Let's go there!" he said.

I said, "Not tonight."

He then said, "Then how are we gonna play pool?"

"We don't have to play pool."

"We have to. Maybe we can make our own table!"

He led me to a nearby parking lot, bordered by a stretch of woods, that had some pebbles scattered around. He whacked at them with his pool cue, and so it became more like stupid-golf than any kind of pool. He handed me the cue and I hit a few pebbles.

He then grabbed the cue from me, yelled, "Javelin!" and threw it into the nearby woods.

"SHlT!" he yelled and ran after it. "Help me look!" he called over his shoulder.

I helped him look around the woods for the better part of an hour and he eventually found it. He danced out of the woods with it and hit a few more pebbles around the parking lot before he yelled, "Javelin!" again and once more threw it into the woods.

This second time, though, I told him that I had to go. He rolled his eyes and said, "Sure. Leave right when I need your help." He gave me a hug all the same and he traipsed into the woods to find his cue.

I went home and resolved to give up dating for a little while.

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  1. Wow, I really wanted to like this OP. She didn't wig-out at the first sign of weird ("He met me wearing a wife beater and carrying a pool cue outside a pub that didn't have pool tables" is a great start to a good/bay date story), had the sense of adventure to go play stupid-golf/parking-lot-pool/whatever and help him go find his pool-cue-javelin, then when she had enough (he threw it out in the woods again? really?) she left gracefully. She never did anything desperate or self-demeaning, she came away with an amusing story and was none the worse for the wear. I really wanted to like her!

    But then she has to end it telling how she "resolved to give up dating for a little while." What? Give up? For what? She loses all the points she earned. Fat bitch!!!


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