Something Impressive

Story Sent in by Kevin:

I don't know whose fault it was, but on my dinner date with Josie, we quickly ran out of things to talk about. After a few moments of silence, I tried to start more of a conversation with her, but she gave me short answers to my questions and didn't really seem to want to be there. She even yawned a few times in a row. After about half a dozen tries of keeping the conversation going, I gave up. After all, it was also her responsibility.

After a longer stretch of silence, she leaned back, gave me a big sigh, and said, "Entertain me."

I thought she was joking at first but one look at her frowning face convinced me that she was serious. I can juggle, so I grabbed a few sugar packets on the table and kept four in the air at once.

She gave a really long, obviously fake yawn. Then she said, "That's not impressive. I'll show you something impressive."

When the check came, I was ready to go Dutch, but she actually insisted on paying for everything. I thought that that was the impressive thing she meant to show me, and I thanked her.

She said, "Just wait. The impressive thing is coming."

We went out to the parking lot together and she led me to her car. She said, "Wait here. I'll bring you something impressive," and drove off.

I waited for 20 minutes. She returned to the parking lot, drove up to me, and rolled down her window. She said, "You're still waiting here? Oh my God," and then she drove off again, for good.

At least I had free dinner.


  1. Plot twist: dinner wasn't free; it cost you your self-esteem...

    As soon as she ordered you to entertain her, she displayed higher value -sorry about the pickup artist terminology crap but that sums it up nicely- while putting you at the bottom of the well, and your eagerness to comply gave her a free ticket to be condescending and walk over you.

    On the plus side, the power trip she enjoyed from you probably satisfied one of her fetishes.

  2. "I can juggle!" Humm.....

    AAAAhhhahahahahahah! I can see where I'm supposed to feel bad for you OP, but then I just picture your date pulling back into the parking lot in her little Prius to mock you, then driving off laughing.

  3. I am always amazed that the nasty always find the stupid.

  4. Everyone gets a mulligan. OP, never again let that happen.

    I think her assholery negates any status loss he suffered, unless he goes for another helping.

  5. I am clearly a terrible person, but I kind of love Josie.

  6. Eh, I don't see that the OP is the loser here. She obviously waited around for 20 minutes too, just to pull the stunt. That's pretty pathetic.


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