Unglamor Shots

Story Sent in by Ellen:

Craig was pretty quiet at dinner, but he was extremely nice and polite. After we ate, we took a walk and he asked me if I wanted to see some recent photos he had taken. I said I did and we sat down to take a look at his photos on his phone.

He showed me a picture of... myself. At dinner. He had taken a picture of me without me knowing it. Okay. Weird. He then flipped to another picture of me, and then another, then another. Each of them was less flattering than the one before it. Pictures of me talking, pictures of me eating, pictures of me talking to the waitress. There were perhaps 10 photos in all. I guess I should've been more observant, because I didn't see him taking the photos at all.

Once he was done showing me the shots, he asked me, "What do you think?"

I told him, "Creepy."

That was clearly not the answer he wanted. He shoved the phone back in his pocket and said, "Most women love it when I take their glamor shots. If you don't want them, then they're mine to keep forever."


"I might make a lot of money off of them. But it's your choice. You're the one who's being mean about it."

I stood up and said, "Enjoy spanking it to them," and left him sitting there with just the memory of me and some really bad photos to keep him company.

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