Story Sent in by Don:

Alice raved about a certain bakery that we just had to visit, so we met there on our first date. She pointed to a few things there that I simply had to try, so I ordered a couple of treats and she ordered one. She was very excited.

Once we sat down, she took a fast forkful of each pastry and then picked up all three little plates and carried them off.

"What are you doing?" I asked her. I had barely had a moment to grab a bite of one, let alone all three.

She said, "Throwing them out."

I jumped from my chair, not least because I had paid for two of them. "Why? What's wrong with them?"

She said, "I only limit myself to one bite of each. Kind of my diet."

I said, "It's not my diet, and I want more of them."

She asked, "Are you for real? That's very rude."

I said, "Excuse me, I paid for mine and I'm going to have more."

She looked at me like I had just made the biggest faux pas in history. Taking advantage of her moment of indecisiveness, I grabbed the plates from her and brought them back to the table. She remained standing in the middle of the bakery as I took my time and ate a bit more of each. They were indeed great. I couldn't finish them, so I brought them up to the counter to ask the staff if they could box them up.

While they did, Alice actually left the bakery and stormed off. I couldn't really believe that she'd be such a child, but at least I had a tasty day.


  1. Op, she was just making you pay for her treats with your own money and making sure even though you didn't get a bite, to see her getting fat. Good for you op, to make sure your money was well spent! by getting em.

  2. So, this woman couldn't enjoy a treat or two for one stinking night. It was one evening. One evening of eating something other than lettuce wouldn't have made her fat. This is a woman who can't enjoy food, can't enjoy company, and can't enjoy life. I feel kind of sorry for her. Keeping a healthy body is important, but life can't always be a regimen

  3. Sparkina, she can eat whatever she wants but she has no right to take HIS food. That is the point.

  4. She probably gives BJs the same way.


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