Story Sent in by Jane:

At a café on my first date with Henry, he and I discussed music and landed on the topic of our favorite composers. I rattled off a list: Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Scriabin... and so on.

Henry said, "Yeah, they're all cool. I like Mozart, Bach, Hayden, Bellow-veen, and Tchaikovsky."

I was familiar with all of the names except for "Bellow-veen," so I asked him, "Who's Bellow-veen? I've never heard of him."

He gave me a strange look. "You've never heard of Bellow-veen? He's really famous."

I drew a blank. Never heard of him. Or her. "Where's he from?" I asked.

He said, "Germany, I think. Ludwig von Bellow-veen."

I nearly snorted my coffee all over the place. I said, "You mean Ludwig van Beethoven?"

He gave me another funny look, but this time it looked like he was really trying to work it all out. Was it Bellow-veen? Beethoven? Who could say?

In any event, I couldn't control my smirk and he apparently gave up on admitting his mistake. He said, "Don't you laugh at me, you slut."

It took less than a moment for me to stand up and leave without a word.


  1. Whoa ! Well she learned everything she needed to know right then and there. ~Saved herself a couple of years of wasted time !

  2. I think most sluts are big fans of classical music, right?


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