Dates Don't Work Like That, Either

Story Sent in by Dale:

When I arrived at the restaurant for our first date, Paulette was already there, sitting down. She didn't stand up to greet me, which I thought was weird. She was dressed well, but had on a really short black and white skirt.

When dinner was over, I paid the check and asked her if she was ready to go. She told me she didn't want to stand because her skirt was too short.

I asked her if she could hold the skirt down as she stood up. She retorted that "skirts don't work like that."

Then I asked her how she was planning to leave if she wouldn't stand up. She said she'd wait for me to leave, then leave, herself. So I stayed and we chatted for a bit. I had wanted to take a walk with her or go to a movie but that wasn't happening. So once we ran out of things to talk about, I said goodnight and left. She remained there and watched me go.

I hung around outside a bit afterward and after a few minutes she strolled out. She saw me and asked me what I was doing. I told her I just wanted to see her stand up. She said, "But I'm in a skirt! It's not appropriate." Whatever. I wished her goodnight (again) and didn't ask her out a second time.


  1. If she stupid enough to not want you to see her in a skirt why the heck would she wear one? I guess smarts skipped her generation.

  2. Theory - unexpected period hit or leak through

  3. Complete strangers are allowed to see her walking in a skirt, but her date isn't?

    Kez is probably right.

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  5. I did like that you creeped around outside and waited in the bushes while peeping in the window to "see her stand up". That's a solid first date move Tom.

  6. Kez is right - sounds like a period leak, and OP was a total creeper. ::sigh:: Gosh, this is awkward but I guess somebody's got to have this conversation with you. Look OP, you're getting to that age where you'll start to notice women more. You'll see that they're different, and you'll want to spend more time around them. Eventually you may have something called "sex." How can I explain it? It's like this. You know that place where you take a wee from. Well, women are very different down there. Sometimes things happen that you may not recognize. But you see, this is perfectly natural, and all part of the magic of the human body!

    So that was the sex talk. Oh yeah, also use a condom.


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