Ass Clown

Story Sent in by Laura:

Jonathan had a list of fun facts about himself on his profile, including that he had performed as an acrobat in the Barnum and Bailey Circus! I asked him about a hundred questions about it and he told me that if we wound up meeting in person, he'd answer all my questions.

He said he'd bring along some photos of his performances, but when we sat down together at a cafe, he confessed that he forgot the photos. I was a bit disappointed, but I asked him to tell me about his experiences all the same. It just sounded like such a fun way to make a living.

Jonathan then confessed that not only did he never work for the circus, but that he had only been to a circus once, when he was eight. Confused, I asked him why he said on his profile that he worked for the circus.

His response? "Women like guys who lie to them. The more interesting a guy is, the sooner she'll friendzone him. So this way I get the best of both worlds."

I couldn't follow his logic until I realized that he wasn't being logical. I thanked him for taking the time to meet me (which I thought was generous on my part) and I left for greener pastures.


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  2. You could've just said.. "well, A HA! I am Captain Chantel Dubois and I am here to arrest you for escaping the circus!" (yeah.. way too much cartoon movies with the kid)

  3. "The more interesting a guy is, the sooner she'll friendzone him."

    So he wants to be uninteresting to get laid? Sheesh.


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