Case Study

Story Sent in by Kasandra:

I was out of the country for work when I started talking to Saul online. He lived close to my home back in the states and we struck up a strong conversation. He was a contractor, like my father. He said he was impressed with how much I knew about what he did. I told him when I'd be back and we set up a date.

He showed up in a dark coat, sunglasses (this was at night), and with a briefcase. He looked like a secret agent. He came up to me and handed me the briefcase. "This is for my international woman of mystery."

I think I understood it. Because I had just returned from overseas, I was an "international woman of mystery." Ha. Cool. Okay.

The briefcase had a combination lock on it. I tried to open it, but the right combination wasn't at the ready. I asked him, "Should I open it?"

He said, "Yes. Good luck," and then he tore off. No explanation, no goodbye, no date. That was it. Me and a briefcase.

It had a weight to it that made me think it had something in it. But nothing knocked around inside when I shook it. I swung over to my father's house and borrowed a crowbar to wrench it open.

It was filled with lingerie.

Saul heard nothing more from me.


  1. Mmmmm, nothing like a briefcase full of used thrift store lingerie.

    Did he sing you a song as he was leaving?

  2. Hmm...nuthin's knockin' around insi-----BOOM ! I mean honestly ?!? Someone in a trenchcoat and dark glasses hands you a briefcase and runs off and you even TRY shaking it !?? Tsk - someone sure got cheated out of their Darwin award there.


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