Serve and Reject

Story Sent in by Ramona:

Scott was a former cop who clearly had fond memories of serving on the force. When we were at dinner, I let him flip through my iPod's music library and he asked me, "You download all this legally?"

I asked, "Does it matter?"

He replied, "Well, depending on how much you stole, I could have you arrested right here and now. How much of this is legally downloaded?"

I said, "It's my business. Give it back."

I reached for it, but he pulled it back to himself, under the table. He said, "How about if I make a quick phone call? I can have you arrested for this."

I said, "If you don't give me my iPod back, I'll do something that will definitely get me arrested. But it will be so very worth it..."

He stared at me and didn't move a muscle. I leaned in just slightly and said very low, "...to see you bleed."

I kicked at him, hard, under the table. He jumped and shouted and he slammed my iPod down, onto the table. I snatched it back and stuffed it deep into my purse.

"Can I have it back?" he asked, "I wasn't finished looking at it."


"It's evidence. I want it back."


"Give it back."

In retrospect, it was stupid for me to have remained through dinner, which was short. We didn't speak much at all and before the check even came, I put down enough to cover myself and I left. I could've sworn I saw a car tailing me on my way home, but I think, at this point, that it was just my imagination.


  1. Good story until you (a) physically threatened him, and then actually attacked him (which somehow did NOT make him try to get you arrested), and then... STAYED FOR DINNER.

    Not really sure I even believe this.

  2. It does sound like an invented Dinner Whore tale.

  3. "Former" cop. Retired? Resigned? Fired?

    Either way, both sides were jerks on this date.

  4. First off why you let him see your ipod? that your dumb mistake.

  5. I don't let anyone touch my ipod ever. unless it really necessary for them to do so.

  6. Sounds like Scott probably got thrown off the force by trying to blackmail women into sleeping with him...

  7. Local cops don't handle this kind of thing. And she assaulted him? Nope,made up story. Anything for attention, I guess.


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