A Friend in Need

Story Sent in by Ethel:

My talks online with Colin were fun and he seemed like a really interesting guy. During these emails, he'd bring up his friend Larry and talk about all the crazy antics they did, together. It made me laugh, and he told me quite a few stories.

On our first date, everything went well up until Larry himself dropped in and joined us at lunch. Colin said, "I invited Larry, too. I hope you don't mind."

Silly me, thinking it was a date! Okay... nice to meet you, Larry...

Larry took full control of the conversation. He was very obviously the leader of the twosome and he told a lot of stories that all pretty much made Colin look like a total dope. Colin laughed along, either oblivious or else too slow on the uptake to hit back.

Larry also said this gem: "All of Colin's exes broke up with him. Every last one. He's just that much of a loser."

Colin actually laughed at that. I didn't think it funny. Larry went on to say, "He just doesn't know what to do with women. He thinks that holding hands is going all the way."

Colin laughed really hard at that. I wasn't sure why he brought a "friend" along whose main purpose seemed to be making Colin look foolish.

Once the three of us were done with our meal, Larry insisted on paying for all of us. "Trust me," Larry said, "Colin wouldn't even think to pay for you." And Colin again laughed at that!

No more dates with those two.


  1. Op, doesn't it make you wonder than? If it was really Larry who been writing you those emails, pretending to be Colin, since Colin doesn't know how to be with women.

  2. Nah, Archie, there is essentially only one tale when that ever ready wingman keeps sabotaging the dates and the guy doesn't just not mind it but enjoys it.

    Won't those crazy kids realize they're meant for each other?!??!?!

  3. Maybe OP should have said something to make Larry stop acting like a pretentious douchebag? Something along the lines of "I don't find humour that degrades others to be funny" should have done the trick nicely.

  4. Kyra, how is Kevin doing? OP (or Jared as the case may be) I like the last line.

  5. Why should Colin have thought to pay for her? That man-pays-for-woman thing really annoys me. We're allowed to have jobs and own property now.


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