Beat Down

Story Sent in by Gloria:

I was out to dinner with Joseph at a cafe that had a live jazz band playing. We had to raise our voices a bit to hear each other, but not too much.

In the middle of our talk, he slammed a hand on the table and screamed at the band, "Quiet down you bastards!"

It seemed to shock the band but not enough for them to miss a beat. All heads turned our way, though. Joseph then continued right on with our conversation as if he hadn't just had a vicious outburst. I decided it was best to not address it, but he gave the band dirty looks for the rest of dinner.

When he paid the check, I thanked him and asked if he was ready to leave. The band was still playing and Joseph said, "You go on ahead. I have a bone to pick with the band. I'll catch up."

I didn't need another hint. I left, and I never replied to his subsequent requests for a second date.


  1. I think we've all been there at that bar/restaurant/cafe/etc where the music was louder than we would have liked it to be. I'd like to assume that most of us have a more mature way of dealing with it though.

  2. This might sound strange, but this date and many of the others I've read lately seem to involve the date "overacting" a scenario they had in their own tiny minds; some kind of burlesque of a date, I mean...emotionally retarded dating maybe -- Am I getting old, or are people becoming more irrational ? It's starting to worry me ! :P


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