You Should See Her Summer Mittens

Story Sent in by Don:

On one of the coldest winter days I can remember, Elise arrived on our first date in a hat, coat, gloves, scarf, and... flip-flops.

"Let's go inside somewhere. My feet are freezing!" she said.

I asked, "Why'd you wear flip-flops?"

She said, "They're my winter flip-flops," with no further explanation.

When we arrived at a cafe, she asked for two cups of tea. They brought them and she placed them on the floor to warm up her shaking feet. She waved her feet over the cups and tapped them lightly with her toes. How nice and warm it must have felt. She reassured me, "I'll drink the tea. I just need to warm up."

Sure as anything, she drank the tea. I guess it was fine as I don't think she ever actually dipped her feet into the hot water. Still, I promised myself not to try the tea if she offered any, which she didn't.

Still, I had to ask, "Why not socks and boots?"

She answered, "Too constricting. As long as I'm not outside for too long I'm okay. I once almost lost a couple toes from frostbite!" She shuddered.

When we went outside, she wiggled her toes as we walked and complained that we had to go inside again soon because her feet were cold. We went to see a movie and after that the date was over.


  1. OK, quiz time! In this pop quiz, the question is: how would you react if you were getting freaky with somebody and suddenly discovered that THEY HAD NO TOES?!? Would your answer change depending on the number of toes they were missing? What about fingers?

  2. I'd be cool with that but I'd politely ask for a story. And OP this story had me cracking up.

  3. Once you are getting freaky with someone, and it's good, those flaws disappear. I dated a girl with a massive chip in her front tooth. After we got freaky, I never noticed it again and we dated for years!.

    OP, your date may have had a severe foot fungus (see: Bill Dauterive, King of the Hill). You are so insensitive.

  4. Flip-flops aren't much, but at least she had shoes


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