Water You Waiting For?

Story Sent in by Anthony:

I was out at a bar with Stephanie when she asked me out of the blue, "Name one thing you do to save the planet on a daily basis."

The best I could come up with: "I try to save water."

She said, like reading from a script, "Do you think you can stop drinking water for 24 hours?"

"I could drink beer," I suggested.

"I'm serious," she went on, "A human on average wastes over a dozen gallons a day. Imagine how a single day of water-fasting could help."

"How could it help?" I asked.

To answer, she pulled a red dry-erase marker out of her purse. She said, "How about a challenge? If you don't do it, you have to walk around with a red mustache all day."

I laughed. "No."

"It's the red mustache challenge," she said. "Come on. For the earth."

"I'll be more aware of my water usage. Will that work?"

She shrugged and put the marker back into her pocketbook. "Well then I'll do it for both of us." She pushed away her drink and said, "Starting now."

True to her word, she didn't drink a single thing for the rest of the date. She did eat some jalapeño poppers, though.

We didn't go out on a second date but a couple of weeks later, "FOUNDER OF THE RED MUSTACHE CHALLENGE!!!" showed up in one of her profile essays.


  1. Head....about....to.....explode! Too many jokes about a girl giving a guy a red mustache!

    The challenge only happens once a month!

    10 points for every clot you can comb out!

    Red mustache challenge: An eating contest!

  2. I see Archy has earned his Red Wings...


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