Trance Trance Revolution

Story Sent in by Aaron:

Sonya billed herself as a meditation instructor who according to her profile, "never gets angry." I hadn't planned on testing out that claim, but it seemed that somehow or other, while we were out together, I did. Multiple times.

I took her out for a mid-afternoon snack. While we were sitting together, her eyes would flutter closed and she would take several deep breaths right in the middle of the conversation.

"Is everything okay?" I asked her.

She said, "Yeah. Just prepping myself in case anything sets me off."

"Like... makes you angry?"


Up until that point, I wasn't aware that I had to walk on eggshells. But I did. We went on to talk about our families and I must have been talking about how my younger sister had been sick for a few days when Sonya went back into that closed-eye meditative trance thing.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

She spent a few more moments deep-breathing and said, "Yeah. What you just said upset me but I'm okay."

"What about what I said was upsetting?"

Instead of answering me straight, she went back to her meditations. I asked, "Was that upsetting, too?"

She exhaled. "Yes. And so was that," and she went back to it.

After maybe two more exchanges, I realized that everything I said was somehow setting her off. Finally, I said, "You look nice today," in hopes of finding something that wouldn't raise her ire.

Nope. Even that didn't work. I couldn't imagine (can you?) what I was saying wrong. So I kept my mouth shut.

After a long time with neither of us saying anything, she opened her eyes and said, "It's okay. I'm here. I'm okay."

I said very little for the rest of the date and she didn't go into another of her trances. Well, that was not until we were done eating. Once we were outside, I asked her if she felt like going to catch a play that was going up at a nearby college.

...and again, another meditation session. I said, "Okay, never mind. How about I just head out?"

Her eyes opened at that and she gave me a weird smile. "Okay," she said. We shook hands awkwardly and we parted, never to see each other again.


  1. Evidently his breathing set her off. I'm starting to worry that there are far too many insane people running loose out there !

  2. Eh I was with ya til you invited her to a play instead of tryna get away from her.

  3. What he's not saying is, he kept calling her Sonya, but that was the name of his date from the night before; her name was actually Sarah, but he didn't get it right once all night.

    Seriously though, this is one where the other side would be really good to know

  4. Wait - I see LittleFiddle's point. He may have left out that he ended every question with one of those insulting liberties like, "How are you feeling, honeytits ?" The same morons who use those patronizing terms are also the ones who claim not to understand how they could be insulting. ~Or else she was just plain freaky.

  5. or maybe she just lesbo, cause evidently when he wanted to leave she smiled. she just wants to be alone she is the founder of evs and doesn't need it filled.

  6. Yeah, I'm with LittleFiddle and La Ma. These story strongly sounds like it has missing pieces.


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