Bike Out

Story Sent in by Vicky:

Harry was a motorcycle enthusiast and two of his three profile pictures were of him on top of a bike. I didn't know much about motorcycles, but I tried to be into it for his sake, and he even said that he'd show me one of his bikes on our date.

Dinner was uneventful and only a little awkward, as he seemed far more nervous than he needed to be. After the meal, we walked down a few blocks to where his bike was parked. It was different from the ones in his profile photos, but he said it was new. He climbed onto it and asked me if I wanted to take a picture of him on it. I did, and he asked me to text it to him, which I also did.

After a longer walk around, we kissed goodnight and I drove home.

A little less than an hour later, I received a text from Harry: "Dude I just put one over on this bitch," alongside the photo I had taken of him.

Hmm. Oops. I wrote back, "Did you?"

No response to that until a day later when he texted me, "It's my bike. Here's proof:" alongside a very blurry photo of some kind of legal form. I had already moved on by that point.


  1. Bitches love motorcycles. They ask me for rides all the time. I'ma take Tanette one day...

  2. Ima take you for a ride first, Steve. ;) Never ridden on a motocycle tgough...


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