Story Sent in by Grace:

I was at a fun cafe with Gerald. He pulled out a credit card and asked me, "You ever see one of these before?"

"An AmEx?" I asked him, "Yeah."

He said, "Really? It's usually just grown-ups who have them."

We were both in our early twenties. I said, "I think we're kind of grown-ups, aren't we?"

He sat back and said, "We don't have to worry about paying for this. My mom's got it. You get whatever you want."

I asked, "It's your mom's card?"

He said, "Yeah. I'm a grown-up. You get whatever you want."

I didn't get much beyond a drink. He ordered about five things, four of which he took to go. When they took his card, though, they asked him, "You're Audrey Banks?"

"Yes," he said and winked at me.

They told him, "If you're not the cardholder, we can't take this."

He pointed at me and said, "My mistake. She's Audrey Banks."

They then asked me for an ID. I said, "I'm not Audrey Banks. Sorry."

Gerald ended up having to pay in cash and I had to help him. He blamed me for not "going along" with his plan and so the date ended.


  1. I bet he was 22 and half, that's a tough time in a grown ups life.

  2. That's someone with a very questionable financial future...

  3. Everyone knows credit cards are magical... they get you stuff for free!

  4. Chunky Horse has an AmEx card. That's how he buys all his chainsaws.

  5. Are you sure, Architect? It would be wisest to buy one's implements of mayhem with cash to avoid the paper trail. I've heard...


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