Further Explanation Is Unnecessary

Story Sent in by Edward:

Susannah called me on the day of our date to tell me, "I have to postpone tonight. I have really bad rope burns."

"Rope burns?" I repeated, as I thought I had misheard her, "As in from climbing... rope?"

"Something like that. Anyway, I have to postpone."

I didn't press her on it, and postpone we did for the very next week. But again, day of, she called once more to cancel. Why?

"Rope burns," she said.

I had to ask, "Again? What do you do to get so many rope burns?"

She said, kind of snappish, "I just get them. No further explanation is available."

I told her I hoped she felt better soon and once the conversation was over, I resolved not to call her again.


  1. You obviously haven't dated many kinky girls, have you?

  2. Kinky she may be, but she was obviously getting the kinks with someone else, not the OP!

  3. ...and? I mean, they didn't even have a single date yet: how did she owe him any sort of exclusivity?

  4. She doesn't owe him exclusively. But you know actually either going on the date or telling him she doesn't want to date him would be nice.

  5. I think maybe she was testing you, OP, to see if you were kinky too. You should have offered to show her some less painful knots.

  6. No, I not saying that she has to date a person exclusively! Sorry If it seemed like I implied that. I'm just saying that a little honesty would be nice.

  7. I don't care how unexclusive you and the person you are dating are, nobody trying to pursue a romantic relationship wants to hear about the other person's fuckcapade injuries.


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