But His Brain Is Still Missing

Story Sent in by Lynn:

Robert couldn't find his wallet halfway through our date. We were walking from a mall to a restaurant when he patted his back pocket repeatedly and said, "Where's my wallet?"

He turned around in circles like a dog chasing its tail. He made back for the mall, as if he meant to retrace his steps, but then he turned back again in the other direction, toward me.

He came right up to my face and asked, "Where's my wallet?"

"I don't know," I responded honestly.

"Where's my wallet?" he asked again, more insistent.

"I don't know!"

"Did you take my wallet?" he asked.

I stepped back. "I didn't take your stupid wallet! Get out of my face!"

He grit his teeth at me, muttered something, stomped around a little bit, then stomped back toward the mall. In any other circumstance, I would've helped him find it. But he was a dick, so I didn't.

He texted me five minutes later, when I was on my way home, to tell me to come back as he had found his wallet "deep in his pocket." Whatever.


  1. Usually the early warning signs of an abuser aren't quite that obvious.

  2. Insert joke here about deep in her pocket? Anyway good for you OP for leaving this loser be. Whatever is right.

  3. He wanted you to offer to pay for dinner. When you didn't take the hint, and the date was over, he miraculously "found it" in his pocket.

  4. At first I thought that too, morrowrd, but then he accused her of stealing it. Scam or not, that's a dangerous sign.


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