Wiggin' Out

Story Sent in by Catherine:

Nathan was dressed well but over his hair he very obviously wore a wig. It was dark red, messy, and was barely pulled over his full head of natural brown hair. It looked so bad, I thought it was a joke. Or else he had forgotten he had it on.

When I asked him about it as we walked, his hands went to his head and he said, "You can tell?" He then removed the wig, shook it out a bit, then replaced it on his head. It looked worse than before, and he changed the subject to something completely different. I didn't mention it again.

He wore it all through our date, and it was hard for me to focus on anything he said. All in all my time out with him was all right. He was nice, although he wasn't boyfriend material. And the wig was really creepy.


  1. So he dresses well, is a gentleman, and pulls out all the stops, and he STILL isn't boyfriend material? JEEZ women are so picky these days...

  2. I think Wolf makes a good point, but all in all this was a weird thing to do. I might have arranged a 2nd date just to wear a really shitty wig and mess with the guy.

  3. Damn you Steve for getting that one in before me.

    @ SmallCityGirl - Love that idea!


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