The Church of St. Darwin

Story Sent in by Wesley:

There is an abandoned church not too far from where I live. I like exploring the grounds. When I mentioned it via dating site email to Rose, she said that she simply had to see it and so our first date was born.

The church was padlocked with a rusty lock and had broken windows. I had peeked inside before, but I had never gone in because it looked like there was just a big pile of rotted wood inside and nothing else.

As soon as we arrived there, Rose made for one of the windows, launched herself up at it, pulled herself into the church, and slammed down onto the sharp, old wood.

"Owww!" she called from within. I climbed in after her, more carefully. She had busted up one of her arms in a bad, bad way. I suggested I take her to a hospital.

"No!" she said, suddenly terrified, "No hospitals! They kill you in your sleep. Just bring me home. I'll be all right. I just have to sleep it off. Really. Please?"

She begged and she cried for me to not take her to a hospital. I pleaded with her to go to one. She went from begging to threatening: "If you take me to a hospital, I won't go inside, and if you try to bring me in, I'll fight you tooth and nail."

So I drove her to her home. She whined about her arm the whole time, and I went from feeling bad to feeling glad - to be rid of her.


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