My One and Only

Story Sent in by Tom:

Ashley was just out of a long relationship. I knew because she reminded me multiple times. She also drank a lot. It might've been my fault, suggesting that we meet at a bar for a first date... but in my defense, I didn't know that she was a borderline alcoholic.

When she had drank a more-than-sufficient amount, she pulled out her phone and laughed, then handed it to me. "I need you to call a number for me."

I asked, "This for a ride home?"

She shook her head then said, "Six one two five nine nine eight thirteen eleven forty-seven fifty one two eight."

I stared at her. "That's more digits than a regular phone number has."

She grabbed her phone from me and dialed the number herself. She then turned away from me and said into the phone, loud enough for me to hear, "Hey Jordan. It's Ash... I miss you. Come over? I'm at home."

She hung up, then looked at me. Then, her eyes went super wide. "I'm not home! Oh no! I told him to meet me at home!"

She wobbled up and stumbled out of the bar. I finished my one and only drink, pleased that that had been our one and only date.


  1. "I never heard from Ashley again after that night. Probably because she died in a horrible car crash that killed a family of 4 on her way home. Oh well, glad that was our only date!"

    You're such a stud OP, how do you stand it?

  2. So, OP recognizes that this girl is clearly intoxicated and should call for a ride home, but let's her stumble out and kill a family a 4 on her way home anyway? I mean, that's what she gets for calling her ex, right?

  3. Just to play devil's advocate here, but how is the OP supposed to stop her? Physically grab her and take her keys? That would get him reported for assault. Report her to the bartender? She could just lie that she was taking public transportation home. Reading this story, I see no evidence that Ashley even drove there in the first place, so why are we leaping to this assumption?

    Also, what if the family of four was REALLY annoying? Have you never seen one of those annoying families who bring whiny children on the plane, and they cry or kick the back of your seat during the entire flight? Sure, people have a subconscious bias towards living so we tend to assume families dying in tragic car accidents is always a bad thing, but let's take a step back here and really CONSIDER this, you know?

  4. People are assuming she drove there. What's not to say the bar was within walking distance of her place? I live in the suburbs and there is at least one bar within a half mile of my house I could walk to/from if needed.

  5. Nope. She drove. And killed a family of 4. While the twin watched. Twice.

  6. Also, Wolfdreams01, those annoying families never get killed. It's always the ones that run a soup kitchen out of their basement for the homeless or clean up trash along our highways that get mowed down by a drunk. The annoying families have to stay alive to become our bosses, traffic cops, and DMV employees. Sorry man, just how the universe works.

  7. Yeah. She might not have driven. I am thinking if it was a big city she might not have had a car. I have gotten completely toasted after a break up. I certainly didn't drive but I did do some nutty things. I live in Chicago though. Excellent public transit.


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