Antiques, Road Show

Story Sent in by Don:

A lot of the people on the dating site I use leave something to be desired. But when I found Sharon's profile, her ability to use English properly as well as the hotness conveyed in her photos made me immediately wonder how she hadn't been snapped up yet. I messaged her and she wrote me back in short order.

In person, she was a knockout both conversationally and physically. I think it's very safe to say that we clicked. She was funny, I (think I was) funny, and we seriously interacted at dinner like we were old friends.

Afterward, we strolled around the old part of town and she took my hand. That was an electric moment, and there was a warm breeze, and... sorry if it sounds corny, but I really felt like something special was happening. When she spoke, she'd squeeze my hand or put a hand on my back or shoulder... I was reasonably sure that she was pretty well into me.

At one point, we went into an antiques store and there was a display case topped with weird old metal tools that neither of us had ever seen before. I picked one up and did some sort of funny motion with it. She laughed, then picked another up and did the same thing. She laughed herself hard, then put her tool down and hugged me. The hug lasted a little while and she even said, "Mmm... this is nice."

To top it all off, as the date wound down (it was becoming pretty late), we had been walking in silence when she blurted, "I really like you."

"I really like you, too," I told her, and I did.

She sighed a happy sigh. A short time later, we arrived at her car. She turned to me and said, "I'm going to say goodnight. But I had a really great time with you."

"Me too," I said.

"Maybe we can go out again?" she asked.

"I'd like that," I replied.

She hugged me goodnight, then drew back a little, touched my face, and looked into my eyes.

I can take a hint and so I moved in to kiss her.

She made a face like I was about to shove a fistful of dog feces into her mouth. "Ugh!" she said, giving me a little shove away, "No!"

It was a shock. She backed away and pretty much ran to enter her car. "No, no, no, no! Not with you. Ugh!" she even threw in a fake dry heave as she jumped into her car and took off, leaving a very bewildered me standing there.

Later, I wrote her an email - not to apologize but to ask her what the problem had been. She never replied.


  1. I just don't think she could get the image of you playing with those weird old tools out of her mind.

    Also, this.

  2. She pretended to like you so you'd buy her some antique jewelry. When that didn't happen, you were obviously a cheapskate and not worth her time. Oh well, at least at least she got her dinner wh0re on...

  3. Also, I'm actually a little disturbed about how cynical I've become. As soon as she started being affectionate, which should be a GOOD thing, I immediately thought "ut oh, here comes the cray!"

  4. This did sound a little too good to be true. Maybe she had past experiences with people rushing into intimacy, and she was unsure how to assert herself without acting like a lunatic. Either that or OP totally misread her body language at the end and took her by surprise...?

  5. Control Freak with a side of extra Freak. Asserting yourself doesn't necessitate acting like a 6 yr old cootiephobe. Really? Dry heaving toward her car? That's just passive aggressive. No mature email reply saying, "you really misred my signals and took things way too fast. Good luck"? Nothing? Just too much evidence of someone who probably was planning to dump him in a date or two regardless. No wonder she's available. Lol

  6. I have never heard of a cootiephobe, magister. I like it. And also welcome. And Steve there would be no mixed signals if I ever got my hands on you. ;) Also how ya doing Rachelchick. Welcome. And Archi as always you rock. Hope everyone is well. Gonna go bake something now.

  7. She was acting out a date with her ex.

    You're not her ex, so you weren't allowed to kiss her. Weirdo - count yourself lucky no to have gone further with her. Nutter.

    I say this because I've had a few rebound girls when I've not realised until afterwards. They're happy with you for a while, because you remind them of their ex, but they treat you funny because you're NOT their ex, and it causes issues sooner or later!


  8. All I could think of when reading this one is 'Dude, get some mouthwash!!'
    You see, the woman realized as he went in for the kiss that either he had never encountered the idea of toothpaste or that as he slept some unidentified creature crawled into his mouth and died. In any case there was some danger that his breath would keep him off a plane as a potential weapon. The thought of putting his mouth on hers was just too horrifying, hence her flight.
    Sadly, this is from a personal encounter(although I was a bit more tactful)--and a sensitive person might easily have gagged.


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