A Winner Is You

Story Sent in by Paul:

At our first time out for coffee, Liz held out two clenched hands in my direction.

"Pick a hand," she said.

I picked her right hand. She said, "Good choice," then opened her right hand. It was empty. She put her hands behind her back and then stuck them out in front at me again.

This time, I picked her left hand. She opened it. Nothing was there. "Uh-huh," she said, "Good," then put her hands behind her back a third time and once again put them out, closed, in front of me.

I picked her left hand again. She opened it and nothing was there. She shook her head at me. "Wrong!" she said, then sat back in her chair and said, "You don't get the prize."

"What prize?" I asked her.

She pointed at me and screamed at what seemed to be the top of her lungs, "He doesn't get the prize!"

Everyone looked at us. I silently wished that she'd shut up for the rest of the date, which she thankfully did for the most part. She wore a weird smile for a while, like she was oddly pleased with herself. That was the only time we went out.


  1. I would have still hit it...

  2. I'm with Steve. I imagine humpin' and pumpin' with this gal while she's rhythmically shouting "HE GETS NO PRIZE! HE GETS NO PRIZE! HE GETS NO PRIZE!" Yup, nothing hotter than that.

  3. Sounds like a weird psychological test.

  4. I think Liz is a little too shy to straight up say she is into fisting.

  5. "What did the five fingers say to the face?"

    SMACK! (This is the part of the joke when you smack them hard in the face.)


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