The Ninth Circle of Taco Hell

Story Sent in by Carol:

Ken was a skinny guy in his profile pictures, but nothing compared to the nearly skeletal figure he was in person. His eyes bugged out of a thin, scary face. Even creepier, his legs looked so thin through his pants that they appeared to be the relative thickness of my wrists. I didn't see his legs so I can't be sure, but it was truly frightening.

He gave me a toothy grin, then asked me if I was up for taking a walk. As we chatted, he turned to me with crazy eyes and said, "Sometimes I think I'm po-ssesssssssed!"

"Uh... what?"

He said, "Nothing. Just a weird feeling I get sometimes. You were saying?"

I had quite forgotten what I had been saying. I could only stammer out something when he turned his head to one side and asked, "Hear that?"


He said, "Walk faster."

He sped up and I hurried alongside him. We made it to a taco place for lunch and he wolfed down his two tacos and said, "I have to have another," and then he bought another for himself. He then sat down again and said to me, "It's the only way to silence the deeeeeee-mons."

"I'm the same way," I said to him, hoping to placate him until I could formulate an escape plan.

Fortunately, directly after lunch he asked me if I wanted to go see a horror film with him and I told him that I had an appointment across town and that it was nice to have met him.


  1. Lol! Tacos to silence the demons! maybe he should call ghost busters! lol!!!

  2. With some minor changes, this could be submitted to Creepypasta: "He looked incredibly thin, skeletal even... but it was not after the date while I was reading the obituary section of the newspaper that I realized KEN HAD DIED TWO WEEKS AGO."

  3. Sounds like the next Taco Bell commercial. Run for the Beelzebub.

  4. There was almost another corpse - as I nearly choked to death on my friggin' oatmeal while reading your comment ! Thanks for the first loud laugh of my day !!

  5. Hmm sorry - first time posting - I meant when I read Wolf's comment. Greetings all - long-time lurker -- I love reading all of your comments, and the ones with links really kill me. *smiles to all*

  6. Smiles back at ya La Marchlewski. I'm the "nice" one. :D

  7. Indeed, La Marchlewski, welcome.

    /Cue sinister neigh

  8. Oh man Fizziks - I don't know where you find this stuff but it's so great ! Thank you (I could actually hear that in my mind). *waves to nice Tanette :)

  9. He's a scary monster and a super creep

  10. haha Sparkina -- well I've been reading here a long time, and thought it unfair that I merely lurk and laugh so much. All of you are pretty damned funny, but also have sensible comments as well. I guess I felt a bit guilty for enjoying this site without exposing myself to occasional ridicule. I'll go back to mostly silence, but if I have a comment I'll force myself to have a stab at it. lol "super creep"

  11. La Marchlewski, to expand on Fizziks welcome:

  12. Ok, clearly I'm not the nice one. Firstly, loved the title Jarrred, but it's obviously the third circle of hell we are dealing with here, gluttony. Gluttony for two reasons. One, the taco consumption. Two, the OP is a fatty. If ken's legs are as thick as your wrists you need to step away from the buffet.

  13. La Marchlewski, I'm definitely NOT the "nice" one, but it's a pleasure to meet you anyway. ;-)


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