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Story Sent in by Curtis:

I was supposed to meet Jessica for lunch at a Chinese place she suggested, but right next door to the Chinese place was a post office and she asked me if we could meet there first, instead. She said she had a lot of things to mail. I was at first curious as to why we couldn't simply meet for lunch afterward, but I held my tongue and made my way to the post office.

Jessica was sending out a lot of thick envelopes. A lot. As in, over a hundred. She said she was doing it for her boss, who was sending out holiday gifts to their clients. She enlisted my help in stamping each and every one, as she had a roll of stamps that she simply had to use for the immense project.

We were there for at least a half-hour. I tried to make friendly conversation but she was too intent on stamping to respond too much.

When we were done we left the post office and I walked toward the Chinese restaurant. She walked toward her car in the parking lot. I asked her, "Um, were we still going to do lunch?"

She said, "Yeah, about that..." and walked ever more briskly back to her car and drove off. It was apparently all a ruse to just have me help her stamp those envelopes.


  1. Well, at least she got some menial labor out of the C.H.U.D...

  2. New Category: Labor Whore?

  3. Half an hour to stick stamps on 50ish parcels? OP, *you* were the bad date.

  4. Dating sites are excellent for getting a pathetic Labour Whore Mat, like Curtis here, to do some tedious task for free. Give it a whirl ladies, half the guys there are overjoyed to have any contact with a woman. That makes it a win/win situation right?

  5. Op, she realized how you weren't good looking to her standards that why she didn't wanna talk to you no one is that focus on putting on stamps.

  6. I think Jessica would be a great houseguest since she would definitely remember to wipe her feet on the doormat.


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